The White House family has six new members, after a "beautiful" delivery by first dog Millie that brought a tear to the eyes of President Bush and his wife, first lady Barbara Bush said Saturday.

The president, who joined his wife to watch one of the six puppies delivered, described the experience Saturday as "really beautiful, it was unbelievable."Asked if it was the first delivery he had witnessed, he replied, "Yes, first dog delivery." Mrs. Bush, putting her arm around the president's waist, indicated he had not seen any children born either.

The president made the comments when he was walking from the Oval Office and happened upon a small group of reporters who were chatting with his wife, accompanied by Millie, in a corridor of the White House.

"The president and I cried when we saw one of them being born. We had a tear. It was really sweet," Mrs. Bush said. "It was so beautiful to see her."

All of the puppies were described as "nursing vigorously" from Millie, and the first dog appeared in good spirits, padding around at her masters' feet.

"They're wonderful. They're really cute," Mrs. Bush said, adding that it had been an easy delivery. While Mrs. Bush played midwife, Millie "did all the work," she said. "She was wonderful. She knew exactly what to do."

Bush said the first couple would not keep a puppy, but that one had already been promised to grandchild Marshall Bush, 2, who was at the White House with her parents Marvin and Margaret Bush on Saturday.

Another pup was promised to the twin daughters of Bush's son George who lives in Texas.

"They're really lovely looking puppies," Mrs. Bush said. "They're all really beautiful."

The litter included a "big white girl" and a female runt that has a little triangle on her back.

The Bushes' English springer spaniel gave birth to her six-puppy litter over a five-hour period Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Mrs. Bush helped Millie deliver the puppies, while President Bush, who had jokingly complained on Friday about being forced out of his bedroom to make room for Millie, lent "moral support," said Mrs. Bush's press secretary, Anna Perez.