An Israeli photographer, called as a surprise prosecution witness Thursday in the trial of a chiropractor charged with killing his bride on their honeymoon cruise, laughed off the accused's claims that he murdered the woman on a mission as an Israeli agent.

As its final witness in the case against Scott Roston, the prosecution called Maurice Haziza, one of two Israeli men aboard the cruise ship Stardancer when Karen Roston, 26, tumbled overboard Feb. 13, 1988, and drowned 22 miles off San Diego.Roston, 37, is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly choking his wife of nine days into unconsciousness and throwing her off the ship. He contends Israeli agents murdered her and framed him to avenge claims he made in a self-published book about his mistreatment by authorities in Israel.

Haziza, 30, a professional photographer from Jerusalem, said during a recess that when he heard Roston was claiming that Haziza and his traveling companion, Emil Yaron, might be Israeli agents, his response was, "Try to find another joke!"