An unidentified gunman opened fire on a commercial airliner Friday shortly after it arrived in the central island of Masbate, killing a Filipino legislator and two other men, police said.

Police said Congressman Moises Espinosa, 55, sustained two bullet wounds - one each in the head and in the back - and was pronounced dead at the hospital in the provincial capital of Masbate, 240 miles southeast of Manila.Espinosa, a member of the ruling party, was the first member of the Philippine House of Representatives to be assassinated under the 3-year-old government of President Corazon Aquino.

Also killed in the attack on the airport tarmac was Eloy Fuentes, an employee of the National Food Authority who was passing by, and a provincial guard identified only as Cortes. Espinosa's bodyguard, Gaspar Amaro, was seriously wounded, police said.

Police Capt. Jesus Refursedo said in a radio interview that the lone gunman was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and was wearing a fatigue uniform. He fled on a waiting motorcycle.