Tiny Tim, the warbly voiced singer best known for his 1960s hit "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," is trying to make a comeback with a song and video about domestic violence. Tiny Tim, who was born as Herbert Khaury, was in Baltimore this week to make the video for his song "Won't You Dance with Me." "It's really a thrill," the 57-year-old performer said. "This is the first song I'll record with a modern-day sound." Tiny Tim hasn't had a hit in 20 years and admits it. Half of the proceeds from the video and the song will go to the National Coalition Against Violence, the performer said. The song hasn't been sold to a record label yet, and Tiny Tim is being realistic about his comeback attempt. "This is all great, but what major label has it?" he said. "A record company only wants to know who sells records. They are going to say, `What is Tiny Tim's track record?' And right now, at least, I'm not a record seller."