Shirley Bryant knows the value of a "beauty makeover," and she uses her expertise to save lives at the animal shelter.

Bryant is the proprietor of the Barking Lot, a pet-grooming salon. One day, she approached the Salt Lake City Animal Control Shelter with an idea she thought would combine her unusual talents with her love of animals.Recently, Bryant was nominated for a Salute to Volunteers 1988 award. On the nomination form, Salt Lake City Corp. volunteer coordinator Tamara Wharton wrote:

"Shirley takes six dogs each week on the day that they are to be terminated. She washes, clips and grooms them, puts bows in their hair, powders them and returns them (fed with a 39-cent hamburger). Each dog takes one to 11/2 hours.

"Shirley cares about the lives of these pets and wishes others would become more involved with their welfare."

As a result of the "makeover," most of the pets are adopted within hours. The unusual project was Bryant's idea; she does all of the work, and the results are life-giving.

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