Radio signals beamed by a government agency are jamming hundreds of automatic garage door openers in the San Francisco Bay area.

And the government says homeowners will just have to tough it out and lift their garage doors themselves through May 2.Garage door companies have been swamped with complaints since Friday, when residents discovered nothing happened when they tried to use the remote-control devices.

It's "the worst problem I've seen in my 11 years in the business," said Roger Brotherson, owner of Walnut Creek Overhead Door Co., which has received 40 to 60 calls a day about the interference.

Tom Hora, a spokesman with the Federal Communications Commission in Livermore, on Tuesday declined to identify the agency that has been transmitting radio signals from atop Mount Diablo.

But he warned that residents who can't turn the openers to another frequency can expect the problem to persist through May 2.

Garage door openers operate on radio frequencies used by the government and others with authorization.