Here is the latest report from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on fishing conditions at some of the more popular waters around the state.

Fishing is expected to start picking up as the ice begins to leave many of the lakes and the waters begin to warm.Largemouth bass fishing is expected to start picking up at Lake Powell towards the end of the month. The largemouth will begin to move into shallow water to spawn when water temperatures reach round 65 degress.


Bear Lake - There's some water on top of the ice, but it is still safe. Fishing pressure and success has sharply tapered off. Road conditions are wet and muddy.

Blacksmith Fork - Access is good and there is little fishing pressure.

East Canyon Creek - Good population of wild brown trout but lots of private land along the banks.

East Canyon Reservoir - Biologists suspect a large die-off of trout due to the drought of last summer. Low waters may have congregated the fish and in their stressed conditions they were susceptible to disease. A population survey will be conducted by the DWR to verify the cause and extend of fish loss when weather permits. Pressure is slow and so is fishing. The trout limit is four.

Echo Reservoir - Access is good. Edges are unstable due to water rising. Fishing has been fair.

Holmes Creek Reservoir - Stocked with rainbow catchables in the fall. Light fishing pressure. No word on fishing success.

Hyrum Reservoir - Stocked with rainbow catchables in the fall. Light pressure.

Logan River - Light pressure, but water conditions are good.

Lost Creek - Access is questionable. Limit is four trout.

Mantua Reservoir - Fishing success has ben picking up in the late afternoons and evenings. Bluegill strikes are very light and difficult to notice. Bobbers are recommended.

Newton Reservoir - Access is best from Newton side.

Ogden River - Whitefish and brown action has been fair. The trout limit on the South Fork is four fish. Watch for midge hatches and surface action as temperatures warm.

Pineview Reservoir - Large population and variety of pan fish. Pressure has been light.

Porcupine - Edges may be soft as water rises. Kokanee action has been best near the dam. Splake and trout fishing has been best east of dam.

Rockport Reservoir - The ice at the shoreline is unstable. Fishing has been fair.

Upper Provo River - Some fishing success from Deer Creek to Woodland. Closed to fishing near Jordanelle Dam.

Weber River - Fishing has been good. Some nice browns and cutthroats have been caught in Morgan County.

Willard Bay - Some success for walleye past the buoy at the south marina where there is open water. The channel is closed to fishing until April 30. Ice on the rest of the reservoir is unsafe and deteriorating fast.


Burraston Ponds - slow.

Deer Creek - There is no ice at the shoreline due to rising water levels. Because of access problems, fishing pressure has dropped.

Jordan River - Success has tapered off.

Provo River - The emergency fishing closure is still in effect from Deer Creek downstream to the Olmstead Diversion Dam. Fishing is open below Olmstead with any legal bait.

Strawberry Reservoir - Fishing success has been good, but spotty. Chartreuse jigs tipped with wax worms have worked well. Ice conditions are still good but slushy. Boots are recommended. The road to the west marina has been plowed and parking is available for $3. Access to Soldier Creek side is by foot or snowmobile only.

Utah Lake - There is open water at the marina, but fishing success remains slow. No report on walleye activity yet.


Big Sandwash - Water level is rising and ice at shoreline is soft. Success is slow.

Bullock & Cottonwood - Stocked with six- to eight-inch rainbow in the fall. Ice is safe, but fishing is slow.

Calder, Crouse and Matt Warner reservoirs - Snow conditions and low water levels have created a depletion of oxygen that has resulted in a winter kill of most of the fish.

Currant Creek Reservoir - The last mile of road to the reservoir has not been plowed.

Flaming Gorge - There's good ice on most of the reservoir but conditions will deteriorate fast if the present windy, warm weather at Flaming Gorge persists. Fishing success continues to be good for rainbows at Sheep Creek Bay.

Green River - Access is good to Little Hole where fishing has been good using tan scuds and nymphs. Watch for stonefly and midge hatches as temperatures rise.

Red Fleet - Good ice fishing for rainbow.

Starvation - Slow fishing success. Open water at the shorelines.

Steinaker - Some success for bluegill on the east side of the reservoir. Edges may be soft, use caution.

Strawberry River - River is closed from Soldier Creek Dam to Red Creek.


Asay Creek - Fishing has been fair to good, but water is muddy.

Beaver River - Fair fishing for rainbows, brooks, cutthroats and browns.

Enterprise - Access by four-wheel drive only.

Forsyth - U-72 is open to the lake, but some walking is required to reach fishing areas. Good fishing for brook and rainbow.

Fremont River - Flashy silver lures have been working well. Access is good and the water is clear. Pressure has been light.

Koosharem - The ice at the shorelines is soft and open in some spots. Fishing has been slow.

Mammoth Creek - Access is fair and water muddy.

Mill Meadow - Access is good and so is fishing.

Minersville - Success has been slow. Ice at the shorelines is soft.

Newcastle - Unstable ice conditions.

Otter Creek - The ice is melting at the shoreline and is deteriorating fast. The trout limit is now four fish. Fishing has been good at the spillway.

Panguitch Lake - Access and ice is good. Moderate to heavy fishing pressure. Fishing has been good.

Panguitch Creek - Water is low and clear. Baits and spinners have been good.

Pine Valley Reservoir - Access is good, but fishing pressure light.

Piute Reservoir - Ice is deteriorating. Success is slow.

Sevier River - Fishing below Piute Reservoir has been slow.

Quail Creek - Good fishing for rainbows using cheese. Too cold for bass.

Tropic Reservoir - Ice conditions are unstable and hazardous.


Cleveland Reservoir - Access by foot only.

Electric Lake - Light fishing pressure. Success has been good for cutthroat along the north shore. Access is good to within 1/2 to 1/4 mile of lake.

Joe's Valley - Access has been good. Light pressure. Splake and fishing has been good along weed beds.

Lake Powell - Look for stripers at Antelope Island, Navajo Canyon and Utah gravel bars where fishing has been good.

Millsite Reservoir - Ice unsafe.

Recapture Reservoir - Light fishing pressure. good for pan-sized trout. Use caution on ice.

Scofield Reservoir - Still lots of fishing pressure. Fishing success is spotty. Salmon egg/cheese combinations fished off the bottom have worked well.