A joint certified public manager training program between the state of Utah and the University of Utah is among nine to win national accreditation, university officials say.

The National Certified Public Manager Consortium, made up of 16 states that have the training programs, accredited Utah's program at a recent convention in Baton Rouge, La., said David Patton, coordinator of training and development for the university's Center for Public Affairs and Administration.Other accredited programs are in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

"The board praised Utah for having very complete written materials for both instructors and students," Patton said.

The consortium requires each state to set up a partnership with a university for program administration, curriculum development and teaching.

"Almost all states find the relationship with the university difficult, but in Utah it has been very smooth," Conroy Whipple, manager of training and development for the state, said.

Launched in Utah in 1987, the program offers interested local and state government managers up to 300 class hours of practical training in communication, ethics, strategic planning, budgeting, and personnel.

A poll of Utah state employees taken in 1986 showed 70 percent believed increased management training for supervisors would improve morale in the face of tight budgets.

The 1987 Legislature appropriated $90,000, the first funding for state employee training, Whipple said. The money financed joint university-state government efforts to write lessons and manuals. Another appropriation in 1988 financed testing the program on groups of state managers and launching the first class of 15 managers.

About 80 people are taking the training this year, and there is a waiting list for next year, he said. Classes are taught by government managers and faculty from state universities.