What's eating you may be the real problem, not what you're eating.

A survey commissioned by Weight Watchers International reveals that half of all Americans gain weight from stress."Stress may trigger eating binges that translate into gained weight," says nutritionist Mary Sucholet. "The key is to recognize those triggers and respond in a healthier way, such as substituting different behaviors."

The survey also shows that men appear to get more bent out of shape from comments by others about their weight (43 percent) than women (23 percent). Tight-fitting clothes are an unpleasant reminder of weight gain to some 65 percent of those surveyed, but the vast majority (87 percent) use the mirror to confirm their suspicions.

A high percentage of women want to lose weight to make themselves more attractive (87 percent), compared with men (72 percent).

- Medical studies indicate many adults get only half the daily calcium intake they need.

Lack of calcium in an adult diet can make bones weak and brittle, say experts. This can lead to osteoporosis, which affects about 24 million Americans.

The body does not manufacture calcium, so keeping bones strong and healthy means choosing calcium-rich foods, says nutritionist Barbara Beck of Dannon Yogurt. Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt, are the primary dietary sources of calcium, she says.

An 8-ounce serving of non-fat or low-fat yogurt provides 430 milligrams of calcium, or nearly half the U.S. daily recommended allowance of calcium, Beck says.