She thought she had taught them better than that.

When Darcy Butcher, faculty adviser to the College Times, Utah Valley Community College's student newspaper, resigned her post last week, she thought her troubles were over.But a student reporter got into Butcher's computer files and used personal notes and an early draft of her resignation letter to write an article.

"It seemed kind of unethical to me," Butcher said Wednesday. "It was my personal file, and the things they quoted didn't even end up in the letter. The funny thing is, the paper's new adviser, who approved the article, also teaches ethics."

Despite her misgivings about the unauthorized use of private material, Butcher said the information did reflect concerns that led to her resignation.

She said she regularly worked 36 to 42 hours a week on a position that was paid as part time, then had to find time to prepare material for the classes she taught.

She had no voice in selecting the editors she would have to work with, she said. She also said the administration expected high-quality work from students but offered very few classes to teach the skills.

She suggested broadening the scope of the journalism classes offered but says she knew the program was in trouble when she took the job.

"I felt like I had walked onto a sinking ship, been handed a cup and told to bail," Butcher said. "After a while, I got pretty tired of bailing."

Six weeks ago, administrators, who were upset by the quality of the paper, ordered a two-week publishing suspension while new writers were recruited and reporters and editors were given training.

Tom Hover, Butcher's former supervisor, and director of student services, said the paper has improved since the suspension.

Butcher said there are still plenty of problems with the paper's setup, and she hopes her resignation will force officials to look closely at what changes are needed. She said she had discussed her concerns with Hover more than once, to no avail.

"Tom Hover gave an interview (concerning the resignation) where he acted totally clueless as to why I had quit, but we had talked about the problems on several occasions. That kind of reaction shows you how much support I got."

Hover said he is sorry Butcher will not be at the paper in the future, but he wishes her well. Butcher will also stop teaching journalism at UVCC but will continue to teach English at the college.