Actress Angela Lansbury says she has relied on cosmetic surgery for more than 20 years to help her remain a leading lady. The most recent operation was a 1986 neck tuck, she said in April's McCall's magazine. This, along with losing 20 pounds, enabled the 63-year-old actress to spruce up Jessica Fletcher, the mystery writer she portrays in the "Murder, She Wrote" television series. She said she had a facelift before opening in 1966 in "Mame," the role for which she won the first of her four Tony awards. The next surgery was in 1969 "to get rid of the little puffy bags that I'd always had under my eyes," she said. She said she had her neck and chin redone in 1976. She said she wanted to talk openly about the operations because "cosmetic surgery shouldn't be just the secret of actresses and socialites now that it's available to anyone who wants it and can afford it."