An innovative water storage tank in Little Cottonwood Canyon that incorporates miles of mine tunnels for water storage is a finalist in a major national engineering competition.

The consulting firm, Eckhoff, Watson and Preator Engineering, is vying for top honors in the American Consulting Engineers Council's 22nd annual Engineering Excellence Awards competition.The 30 million gallon reservoir was built to accommodate growth at canyon ski resorts and cost less to build than a conventional 3 million gallon exterior reservoir because the engineers devised a way to incorporate the existing Wasatch Drain Tunnel and a honeycomb of old mine shafts into the system. The design also minimized environmental impacts in the canyon, according to information released by the American Consulting Engineers Council.

More than 20 government officials, federal agency executives, journalists and industry representatives will judge the 123 entries competing with the Salt Lake project for the council's Grand Conceptor award.