Melvin Curvin arises at 5 a.m. and begins a two-hour, circuitous drive, picking up several patients and taking them to the Veterans Medical Center for their appointments.

While they're with the doctor, he visits hospitalized veterans, particularly those with cancer.Curvin has cancer of the throat and has had his larynx removed. He speaks with a low-pressure voice prosthesis. Following his operation, he joined :New Voice:, a support group of the Utah Division of the American Cancer Society. He serves as secretary-treasurer to the group.

He is obviously well qualified to give support and encouragement to those with cancer. Explaining why voluntarism is important to him, he said, "Now it's my turn to help those in the same kind of situation that I'm in."

Married and the father of five, he encourages his family to volunteer. His youngest daughter, Barbara, volunteers with him. Last year, Curvin donated 44 hour a months.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Donate maternity clothing to Marillac House.

Answer telephones for Animal Caring Team. Your home.

Assist children in dance and workshops. April 27 and 28.

Put address labels on newsletters March 16.

Help with Davis County census.

Teach English as a second language. Training April 1 and 8. Adults and children can help.

Build a ramp for handicapped man.

Sponsor newly-arriving refugee families.

Work with pregnant girls and women two to four hours a week.

Be a probation or parole aide 6 hours a week.

Donate large piece of material for quilt backing.

Give a magnifying glass to elderly woman.

Donate glucometer to diabetic patient.

Provide desk, with lock, for Literacy Action Center.

Donate a double bed to single parent mother and four children.

Give microwave, camera.

Drive a man to dialysis at VA Hospital one to three times a week.

Teach adults to read. Training given March 11.

Provide entertainment to care center residents. Dancing, music, singing, etc.

Update adoption exchange books, work in office, three hours a week.

Work in an office two or three days.

Type, file and take minutes at board meetings.

Work in MS Society office one-half or one day a week.

Type for Youth Detention Center. Computer skills helpful.

Work on plans for Utah's centennial commission.

Help conduct week-long library survey. Flexible, three-hour shifts.

Transport senior citizen to medical appointments twice a month.

Do data entry for KUED fund drive. Evenings.

Visit and entertain care center residents.

Do Saturday morning manicures at care center.

Supervise quilting activities.

Tutor adults. Training provided.

Teach English to a refugee.

Work with special needs children in Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, Utah and Wasatch counties.

Lay carpet.

Help senior citizens with medical appointments.

Donate baby equipment and furniture to a shelter care program.

Give vacuum cleaner, snow shovel, tape recorder (to learn English), tables, chairs, dressers and cribs for newly arriving refugee families.

Provide a used lift to help elderly woman get spouse in and out of bed.

Provide bookshelf, hospital bed sheets.

Give metal shelves for food storage.

Donate electric typewriter, vacuum, office desk and chair to walk-in center.

Provide furniture for seven-member family. Especially refrigerator and beds.

Give beds, table and chairs, couch, pots, pans, etc. to single-parent family.

Donate washer and dryer to single mother with four children.

Provide a vacuum.

Give television stand or sturdy table to elderly woman.

Older volunteers (age 50 plus) to work with special-needs children. Training provided.

Provide a High-John toilet extension for elderly, low-income patient.

Provide bath bars that fit over front end of tub.

Provide telephones.

Donate large plastic garbage cans to refugee center.

Give used television sets, stylish clothing for newly arriving refugees.

Donate baby clothing, furniture and aluminum cans for fund-raiser.

Donate baby blankets and crib.

Provide care center residents with table games, blackboard, record player.

Donate bookshelves and books to retirement center.

Provide work pants (33W X 31L) and medium shirts to man in Emergency Work Program.

Give size 18 and 22 flannel night gowns and dresses for elderly women.

Donate a wheelchair.

Provide large flower pots.

Self-sufficiency program needs sewing machines.

Give yarn, fabric and batting for quilts.

Donate baby clothes for fund-raiser. Will pick up.

Provide television, playpen and highchairs to group home for homeless women and children. Also a basketball hoop.

Volunteer Connection matches volunteers and needy agencies and individuals in the Davis County area. For information on voluntarism in Davis County, call 295-6677 or 295-6998.