Southern Utah State College, which has just completed its first basketball season in the NCAA Division I, has eliminated men's baseball and women's volleyball from its athletic program and will add a rifle team.

"It's a sad day in SUSC athletics," baseball coach Bill Grooves said."It's not only frustrating that they are cutting the program, but we still have 39 games left. So the timing is bad."

The baseball team will complete its season.

"All that is left for the underclassmen is to play their hearts out so someone will give them a chance to play next year at possibly another school," Grooves said.

Grooves, who will lose his position with the college, has an 86-98 record in his six years with the T-birds.

The cuts would have left SUSC with five sports, while six are needed to compete in Division I. The rifle team will provide the sixth sport.

The others are men's and women's cross country, men's and women's basketball, track, golf and women's gymnastics.