Provo resident Ralph Westberg won't have to commute to Sycamore, Ill., every week like he has for the past 31/2 years because his company has established a division in Utah.

Wednesday, in a press conference in the governor's mansion, he and Gov. Norm Bangerter announced that Auto Meter Products Inc., has established a division at 2227 S. Larsen Parkway in Provo and Westberg is the manager.Westberg said the division produces pressure and temperature gauges used mainly in vehicles.

Westberg has worked for Auto Meter for 20 years and is executive vice president and chief engineer. He moved his family to Provo 31/2 years ago because he like the lifestyle but had to commute by airplane weekly to company headquarters in Sycamore.

At the time he was commuting he had no idea the company planned to open a new division. The Illinois native is impressed with the Utah work ethic and a good supply of workers and company executives decided to open the division.

Westberg expects the number of employees to reach between 30 and 50 by the end of 1989 and it could be expanded further if business warrants.

"We've been a stable, growing company for more than 31 years and with our commitment to quality and our innovative products, we're enjoying healthy, rapid growth," he said.

In the past six years, Westberg said, Auto Meter has been chosen by the Performance Warehouse Association from among 1,000 other automotive manufacturing companies as the manufacturer of the year. In the other four years the company was one of three finalists.

In 1988 Auto Maker was honored for having the best engineered new product and best new merchandising display by the Speciality Equipment Market Associations.

Also attending the press conference were representatives of the Utah Economic Development Board.