A boundary change that will affect three northeast Orem schools was unanimously approved at an Alpine School Board meeting Tuesday.

The vote came after a monthlong waiting period during which district officials got few complaints from parents. Families of all children attending the schools were notified of the plan through the mail.The changes will broaden Orchard Elementary School's boundaries, cutting into part of the areas now covered by Northridge and Windsor elementary schools. The small area to be added to Orchard will begin at Fourth East and 12th North, curve northwest to approximately 300 East, return to Fourth East at 16th North, go east along 16th North to Eighth East, then south to 14th North.

District officials say the change is necessary to place in one school a new subdivision that will house a number of WordPerfect employees.

There are about five homes now being constructed in the neighborhood but about 36 more are expected eventually.

Alpine Superintendent Steven Baugh said the change will help maintain equivalent enrollments at the three schools. Northridge is growing quickly, Windsor is at capacity now and Orchard's enrollment would be leveling off without the boundary change.

Most parents agree with the strategy, though a few have been concerned that class sizes at Orchard will rise.

Orchard administrators said there may be many students assigned to each class, but because the school is on an extended-year schedule, there will always be a certain number of children on vacation.

Luana Searle, Alpine's administrator of elementary schools, said most students enrolled in the three schools will not be affected by the changes.

"As homes are built in the development, the new students will attend Orchard," Searle said. "Our intent is to balance the future student populations for the three schools, while maintaining proper student-teacher ratios."

Administrators expect the families in the new subdivision will have an average of five children each.