Alta View Hospital

ALLEN, Blaine and Linda, Sandy, boy.HUNTER, Bret and Robin, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEE, Steven and Margaret, Sandy, boy.

ROSE, Wallace and Balinda, Sandy, boy.

SCOTT, Jack and Becky, Sandy, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

DARAS, Michael M., and Bonnie, West Jordan, boy.

KOOGLE, Martin D., and Nancy, West Jordan, girl.

PENNINGTON, Trent and Tiffnie, Sandy, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ANDERSON, Jeff and Betty, girl.

BIRRENKOTT, Jeff and Allison, twins, boy and girl.

CAIN, J.L., and Cindy, boy.

CASTO, Colleen and JOHNSON, Don, boy.

CHEPHARD, Gary and Colleen, boy.

GONZALES, Fidel G., and Teresa, girl.

KYLE, Don and Jane, girl.

MARTINEZ, Ismael and Patricia, girl.

MOODY, Kevin and Mary Anne, girl.

NEIBAUR, Wade and Tara, boy.

OWEN, Dave and Cheryl, girl.

PETERSON, Rick and Dareth, girl.

STEPHENSON, Richard and Maite, boy.

STEVENSON, Keyth and Susan, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

MYSLIWIEC, Frank Thomas and Renee, Bountiful, girl.

PETTEY, Russell V., and Teresa, West Bountiful, girl.

RANDALL, Joe D., and Michelle Rae, Bountiful, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ALDER, Douglas and Patricia, boy.

ANDERSON, Blake J., and Denna, boy.

COOMBS, K. C., and Sherri, boy.

EWELL, Callie and ALLDRIDGE, Cody, girl.

FULLER, Michael and Karen, boy.

GREGORY, Matthew N and Shelah, girl.

HENDRICKSON, Steven W., and Robyn, boy.

HILLSTEAD, Eric B., and Taia, boy.

JENSEN, Robert T., and Shauna, boy.

LEWIS, Shanen Ray and Michelle, boy.

MARSDEN, Stephen Greg and Megan, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BEARD, Leon and Darla, Salt Lake City, girl.

BISHOP, Max and Margaret, Salt Lake City, girl.

LYMAN, David and Diane, West Jordan, boy.

WILSON, Vaughn and Gwen, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Medical Center-

FREED, David and Luella, girl.

GABEL, Dick and Lisa, boy.

JOHNSON, Curtis and Kelly, girl.

WALKER, Tom and Sandra, boy.