It was one small step for a woman but a giant step for womankind when Lisa Maline counted down the time for Monday's shuttle launch. Malone, 27, a public affairs officer at NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, became the first woman to handle the countdown for a manned space flight and received an A-plus from Lillian Glass, the Beverly Hills speech therapist who helped Melanie Griffith with her tone in "Working Girl." "She did everything right, she lowered the voice and slowed the tone," said Glass, author of "Talk to Win." "Lisa Malone really made history for women. She was well-modulated and in control, quite a joy to listen to." Glass said Malone remembered the three keys to effective talking--low, slow and flow. "Here's an example, Lisa Malone, that women can do things like being announcers if the woman has a low voice," Glass said. "People do judge you on the way you communicate."