Actor Checy Chase says it takes "a little hate" to be really funny. "You know, if you have a sense of perspective at all, which is a sense of humor, you've got to have a dark side," he told ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." "You can't be all light or you would have no balance. You gotta have a little hate in you," said Chase, who is Fletch in the newly-released, "Fletch Lives." The 45-year-old comedian, who was named Cornelius Crane Chase when he was born in New York, also said he thinks he has matured as an actor since he appeared in "Caddyshack." "It was pretty bad," he said of his performance. "I mean back then I thought, 'This is funny. Boy am I important to it.'" He said he can see now that Bill Murray and Ted Knight were much better than he was. "But the idea of sustaining a character, I had no sense of what that was. Now I have a sense of that," he said.