Students attending Utah Valley Community College will have to dig a little deeper into their wallets. For the fifth consecutive year, tuition is being increased.

Tuition will increase an average of 7 percent, beginning summer quarter - varying from 2 percent to 9 percent depending on the number of credits taken. Fees for student health insurance will increase by $1."Tuition increases help fund the total operation of the school," said Doug Warner, UVCC director of budgets. "Primarily, growth is funded by the state. This increase will provide additional revenues to run the institution."

The college's Institutional Council has approved the 1989-90 tuition and feesincreases. Warner said the increase is the first step in a two-year effort to match UVCC's tuition to that of Salt Lake Community College, as mandated by the state Board of Regents.

Warner also said the increase will allow UVCC to move toward a "plateau" tuition schedule, in which tuition charges will increase up to 12 credit hours and then level off. Years ago, the college used a plateau system that allowed the same tuition to be paid for 12 or more credit hours, but in recent years UVCC had charged tuition on a per-credit basis.

Creation of a plateau-based tuition system will be beneficial for students, Warner said. Because students will pay the same amount of tuition for 12 more credit hours they may be more apt to take elective classes. That, in turn, would bebeneficial for UVCC because it would increase the number of full-time students, justifying an increase in funding revenue, Warner said.

Tuition has gone up every year at UVCC since 1985-86. A student attending the college in 1985-86 paid $213 for 15 credit hours. In 1986-87, the same number of credit cost $237 (up 11 percent); in 1987-88, $266 (up 12 percent); and, in 1988-89, $287 (up 8 percent). During winter and spring quarters of 1986-87, students also paid a 10 percent tuition surcharge because the college received inadequate revenue appropriation from the Legislature.

Student fees were increased for the coming school year from $2 to $3 primarily because of increased costs of accident insurance covering students at school or on school-related activities, Warner said. However, a portion of the fee increase also may be used to start an on-campus health clinic in the fall.



Schedule of increases

Credit Percent Cost Cost

hours increase was will be

1 2.38 $42 $43

12 9.16 251 274

15 8.00 287 310

18 7.12 323 346

20 6.63 347 370

25 9.30 407 445