An unidentified man whose body was found in the Jordan River was the victim of a homicide, police said Wednesday.

Lt. Norm Thompson said the man died "as a result of a beating."The body - believed that of a male Caucasian, about 30 years old - was spotted about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday beneath a railroad bridge on the Jordan River between North Temple and South Temple.

An autopsy determined the man had been in the water at least a week.

Police found no identification on the body. "There was no jewelry, valuables, tattoos," Thompson said. "Nothing."

The victim is believed to be a transient because "he was dressed like a transient" and because his body was found about 25 yards down from a hobo shanty on the river bank, Thompson said.

The man was dressed in bib overalls, a brown jacket and work boots. He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall, about 170 pounds and had a moustache, beard and collar-length sandy hair.

It was Salt Lake City's eighth homicide this year.