The BrainChild Institute, a program that specializes in helping people of allages to overcome reading handicaps and self-defeating behaviors, has opened a center in Provo.

According to the center's directors, Stephen Story and Hal Schofield, the BrainChild methods have proven themselves successful in more than 30 years of use and more than one million hours of successful tutoring in 50 different centers throughout the United States."Many thousands of children and adults have markedly improved their reading and comprehension skills, grade level after grade level, by using our techniques," Story said.

The BrainChild Institute claims the average student's reading improves by oneto three grade levels in only six weeks of tutoring. Some students progress up to four grade levels in that time, Story said.

Such progress might seem impossible to some, especially on a consistent basis, but a home BrainChild center in Highland operated by former elementary school teacher Cheree Davis has produced similar results.

"After just two weeks of tutoring, I was totally convinced that there could be no other method of teaching reading as quickly and as thoroughly," she said. "By the time the six-week course was over, nearly all of our students had advanced two to three grade levels in all areas of reading skill development, and some of them even progressed four levels."

The BrainChild Reading Program is designed to help those with learning disabilities, mental retardation and functional disorders of all types.

"Many parents comment on the improved attitude of their child toward school and learning in general," Davis said.

The Provo BrainChild center, located in the Milrace Square at 23 W. 2230 North, has capacity to enroll 40 to 50 students each month.

Story said the institute seems to have some of the solutions to the basic problems all children must deal with in the public school system: not receiving enough personal attention and not receiving enough positive reinforcement.

Those interested in learning more about the institute or in becoming teachers in the BrainChild reading method for home use may contact Story or Schofield at 377-3001. The center offers free testing and consultations.