John Larroquette, who plays the prosecutor on the television comedy "Night Court," says he considered suicide before conquering alcoholism. "I sat down one night, put a pistol on the table and wrote a suicide note," Larroquette said in Redbook magazine. "But I realized that I didn't consider any of the notes funny enough. I thought. `You can't do it until you figure out the perfect exit line. It seems you want to have some sort of effect on this world.' So I talked myself out of it," said Larroquette, 41. The Louisiana-born actor said he struggled to quit drinking for three years before going cold turkey on Feb. 6, 1982. "One night I said to myself, `There are no more deals. Whatever it takes, I don't want to feel like this any more.' " The next year, he was hired for the role of Dan Fielding on "Night Court" and went on to win four Emmys in a row.