No decision had been made Friday afternoon on whether to file charges against a substitute teacher at Roy High School, where a sexually explicit videotape was shown Feb. 16 to an electronics class.

Gary Heward, a deputy Weber County attorney, said Friday he had received a copy of a report on the incident from Roy Police Detective Ken Johnson. Heward said the film probably will be viewed by the county's office by Monday or Tuesday.

The matter was discussed at a Thursday afternoon meeting of the county attornery's staff, Heward said. Heward indicated he would wait until after viewing the film to disclose his recommendation in the case, which involves Jeffrey L. Edwards, 26, a substitute teacher for the Ogden-Weber Area Vocational Center.

Roy High and Ogden-Weber Area Vocational Center officials, Roy Police and the Weber County attorney's office became involved after a sexually explicit videotape was brought to the school by a Roy High student and was shown during about the last 10 minutes of an all-male electroncis class.

The teacher has denied to news media representatives that he sanctioned the film or put it in a videotape machine, as claimed by students interviewed by school and other officials.

Last month the school principal Jan Parrish said that from the beginning of interviews the students' story was consistent. She said all the students, including the student who supplied the film, claimed Edwards put the videotape in the machine.

However, Roy Police Detective Ken Johnson said he "still hadn't been able to talk with Edwards. He disappeared and won't talk to us. We can't get his side except (through the media)," Johnson said earlier this week.

The Deseret News talked with Edwards last month. He denied involvement, saying he did not put the film in the machine. But the teacher could not be contacted by telephone Friday. However, contact was make Friday by the newspaper with his sister, Holly Killard, Ogden, who said she didn't know where her brother is.

After the Feb. 16 incident, Edwards said last month that he left the state in search of work in Arizona. A certified letter was sent from the Ogden-Weber Center Feb. 23, notifying him that he had 10 days to respond and give his side of the story or face termination as a substitute teacher.

Brent Wallis, Ogden-Weber Area Vocational Center director, said Friday the center is still waiting for Edwards to respond to the certified letter which was "sent to as many addresses as we had record of."

Wallis said, "He has been a good teacher. We have used him off and on for a couple of years and have never had a problem with him on this or other matters." Wallis said.