The investigation is continuing into a murder and possible suicide attempt that occurred March 10 in an Ogden home adorned with satanic symbols.

Ogden Police Detective John Stubbs said Tuesday that no arrests have been made in the shooting death of Jolene Mary Oney, 28, Ogden, but that he does have a suspect in the case."There's no information I can give out," Stubbs said.

Oney and an Ogden man, Richard B. Castillo, were found in Castillo's home, each with bullet wounds to the head. Oney was pronounced dead and Castillo was taken to the University Medical Center in Salt Lake City, where he remains in the critical care unit.

Two guns were found in the home, a .22-caliber handgun and a .222-caliber rifle. Ballistic tests were conducted on the weapons, but Stubbs declined to release the results of those tests.

Although police were investigating the shootings as a possible murder-suicide attempt, officials said they were not ruling out the possibility that other people may have been involved.

An autopsy report showed that Oney could have died about 12 hours before her body was found by Castillo's sister, Ginger Dixon.

Police have said that Castillo had two different versions of what happened. He first told police that his ex-girlfriend had shot him and Oney. He later said that he had gotten into a fight with four men.

"I have several different versions" of what happened at the scene, Stubbs said. "That's what we're checking."