Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis is leading efforts by the U.S. League of Cities and Towns to plan how to handle future transportation and communication problems.

He is chairman of the league's Transportation and Communications Committee and has spent the past several days during the league's convention in Washington trying to outline the issues to be faced in coming years."Right now we are trying to lay out all the issues the board wants to develop for next year," he said.

DePaulis said while such problems are now only being outlined, his group will work to develop strategy on how to handle them in coming months.

He and City Council members are also outlining for Congress the city's hopes to host the winter Olympics. DePaulis also listed his league committee's top priorities:

- Lobbying for and implementation of changes in the Cable TV Act. DePaulis says the league is interested in having more competition in cable television by possibly allowing telephone companies to offer such service. It is also interested in various changes in how the cable TV industry is regulated.

- Finding ways to free more money, now locked in federal trust funds, for highway use. DePaulis said cities feel too much money is locked in those funds because of concern about the budget deficit, but the money is needed to repair roads and build needed new highways.

- Planning what happens after the federal Highway Act expires next year, and whether cities should fight to have it re-authorized or whether they should push for new legislation.

- A wide variety of other highway issues ranging from safety and rehabilitation to how to handle billboards to keep scenic roads beautiful.