The city will begin picking up trash March 20 in its annual Spring Cleanup, a coordinated effort involving Orem citizens, the Department of Public Works and the North Utah County Landfill.

Residents are encouraged to help beautify the city by clearing their yards and neighborhoods of unsightly junk and debris. They may either pile their garbage on the curb for city crews to pick up, or they can haul it to the landfill and receive free spring cleanup dumping services.For curb-side pickup, the city is divided into quadrants with State Street and Center Street serving as boundary lines.

A quadrant's start date may be postponed as necessary if crews require more time to complete the preceding quadrant. All work will be completed in each quadrant before continuing on to the next one. Normal residential garbage trucks will not be picking up spring cleanup debris.

Crews cannot pick up certain kinds of junk, including car bodies, construction debris, large piles of concrete or rocks, orchard prunings and tree stumps. They will not pick up debris unless it is piled on the curb.

Residents can dump at the landfill free of charge from March 18 to April 15, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The landfill is located at 20th N. 20th West.

Residents must show identification verifying that they are citizens of the City of Orem. Anyone attempting to enter the landfill with an uncovered or unsecured load will be charged a fee of $2.50.

For more information regarding the City's Spring Cleanup Program, contact either Don Courtright or Stephen Weber, 224-7140.

Orem pickup schedule

March 20 - Northeast quadrant: north of Center Street and east of State Street.

March 27 - Northwest quadrant: north of Center Street and west of State Street.

April 3 - Southeast quadrant: south of Center Street and east of State Street.

April 10 - Southwest quadrant: south of Center Street and west of State Street.