When an unknown teenage singer named Tiffany embarked upon a nationwide tour of shopping malls, most people snickered. Now it's Tiffany who's snickering all the way to the bank with a passel of hit singles and two hit albums to her credit.

So, if the shopping mall circuit worked for Tiffany, will it work for others? MCA Records is counting on it.This time around, The Boys Club - featuring Gene Hunt (formerly of the Jets) and Joe Pasquale - will be hanging out at the malls, taking their upbeat brand of pop music directly to those who most appreciate it: teenagers who hang out at the mall.

The Boys Club will be appearing at the Ogden City Mall March 10-12.

The Boys Club came together when Hunt left the family band The Jets - just after the Jets had scored an impressive string of hit singles and sold-out tours. In other words, he left just when things were looking good.

"Originally, I was going to be signed on my own," he said. "At the time, my manager had signed another solo act (Joe) and I'd gotten to know Joe in Minneapolis as a writer."

"It seemed like a very natural thing for us to come together," added Pasquale. "I had been doing a white soul pop kind of sound, and it fit into where Gene was coming from. Our performing styles fit as well - Gene was one of the best dancers in the Jets, and that side of things was important to me, too."

So the Boys Club was born. Already the duo has scored a top 10 single with the romantic ballad "I Remember Holding You."

And considering that Gene is 19 and Joe 21, there are probably a bunch more hits where that one came from.

- "IF YOU WANT to Ratt 'n' roll with us, let's go."

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer is inviting one and all to join the California metal band Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Salt Palace for a Headbangers Ball. Ratt has just returned from a triumphant tour of the Orient, its fourth album "Reach for the Sky" has been certified platinum and Ratt is chomping at the bit to tour America.

"We've been off a few days; we're looking forward to getting back on the road," Blotzer said.

Ratt will roll into town with six semi-loads of equipment, lights and gear. "And we're playing better, sounding better than we ever have," he said.

With four consecutive platinum albums under their belts, Ratt is a certifiable heavyweight in the world of light-weight metal acts. But despite the success of "Reach for the Sky," the band has not garnered the headlines of past years.

"With bands like Guns 'n' Roses and Def Leppard and Bon Jovi having a good year, we've been kind of overshadowed," Blotzer said. "But as this tour goes along, you're going to be hearing more about us."

Also appearing with Ratt will be KIX and Britny Fox, two bands trying to break into the front line of hard rock.

KIX is currently scoring well with the "Blow My Fuse" LP (their fourth), and two tunes from the album ("Cold Blood" and the title track) are both in the top 15 in requests on MTV.

Based on the band's reputation for exceptional live performances, KIX - dubbed "the dirty boys from the underground" - has garnered a growing contingent of fans.

To quote the band, "We try to be original and set ourselves apart from the competition. We don't fit into any category. We're not really heavy metal. We're not glam or thrash or jazz or soul. We're just us. We're KIX."