To the editor:

Recently, Save Our Canyons held a press conference to bring attention to the lack of funding in the county budget for monitoring water quality from storm runoff in Little Cottonwood Canyon.We raised the issue because the costs to the county of establishing the monitoring would be insignificant, $13,000, compared to value of the data produced for protecting our priceless watershed resource.

At the press conference, we incorrectly charged that the Salt Lake County commissioners had deleted funding for the monitoring from the budget. Further investigation revealed that the item was actually deleted from the County Health Department budget before it was even submitted to commissioners. We wish to acknowledge and apologize to the Sale Lake County Commission for our error.

We also want to commend the commissioners for recognizing the importance of this project and subsequently working together with the County Health Department and the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities to establish the necessary funding.

As a result, storm runoff monitoring equipment will be in place by this summer. This may allow potential threats to water quality to be recognized in the future before they can become serious problems.

Michael Budig

Save Our Canyons