Better sit down. This is a truly twisted concept, but Air Force could go to a bowl game.

That's right, your 1994 Air Force Falcons, that same sorry bunch that started with three miserable home losses, could end up bowling in December.No way?

Stranger things have happened - like Saturday's 36-35 Air Force upset of San Diego State.

Here's the deal: After that slapstick event, which included 11 turnovers, a punt blocked out of the end zone for a safety, a blocked field-goal attempt, a couple of fumbled punts and all manner of other high-comedy special effects, the Falcons are 2-3.

They almost certainly will move to 3-3 because they next play 0-4 Navy, which may be even worse than Texas-El Paso, which the Falcons trashed 47-7.

Say Air Force beats Navy, then wins three of the next six to finish 6-6. This is possible not because Air Force is good, but because Air Force faces such teams as Army, Fresno State and Hawaii (the Rainbows lost to UTEP last Saturday).

Bingo. Six and six.

With 19 bowls out there - a good dozen more than there should be - just about every school from a major conference that gets the required six wins over Division I-A schools gets a bowl bid. There are barely enough eligible teams to fill all the bowls, so anybody who wins six has a shot.

Whether this would make Air Force the worst bowl team in college football history is a moot point. The live point is, Air Force could be one, which would boost the academy's dwindling football image and help recruiting - which might help the Falcons' recently fading fortunes.

The Alamo, Freedom and Cooper bowls would appear to be possibilities.

None of this would be possible without last Saturday's game, which would have been riotously funny if it hadn't lasted longer than a congressional filibuster.

This three-and-a-half-hour marathon had more bizarre plot twists than "Murder, She Wrote." Air Force won basically because San Diego State refused to.

Among the madcap events, San Diego turned the ball over some - not five or six or seven times, but eight. San Diego quarterback Tim Gutierrez completed 40 passes; well, 35 to his side and five to Air Force.

"Awful, just awful," said San Diego coach Ted Tollner. "It doesn't get much sloppier than that."

But it doesn't get much better if you're the Falcons.

"This," said Mark Sotallaro, who dived on the crucial fumble with 1:34 left, "can be a big turning point in our season."

He's right. Air Force may be bowl-bound. If that happens, we will officially have seen everything.