Cincinnati Reds General Manager Murray Cook is hoping for a quick resolution to an appeal of the 30-day suspension given Manager Pete Rose for pushing umpire Dave Pallone.

Rose will appeal his suspension to the National League executive committee Friday when the team is in New York to open a three-game series with the Mets. Rose and the club have called the punishment too extreme.Cook said the Reds won't take an antagonistic stance into the hearing Friday at the league's offices.

"We're all trying to cooperate," Cook said. "We basically want to see the thing get done with. I think everybody wants to see the thing get done with, put it behind us. There's an honest difference of opinion in this matter."

Rose is eligible to manage while his appeal is pending. However, he missed his second consecutive game Tuesday night because he's recovering from knee surgery performed Monday. Coach Tommy Helms managed the team in a 4-3 loss to Montreal, leaving the Reds 1-1 without Rose.

The 47-year-old manager should be well enough to accompany the team to New York, trainer Larry Starr said Tuesday.

In a statement released Monday by the Reds, Rose said he was shocked at the length of the suspension, the longest for a manager in 41 years. Leo Durocher of the Brooklyn Dodgers was suspended for the 1947 season by Commissioner Happy Chandler.