Jewelry and antique coins valued at $12,000 were taken after masked gunmen forced a Salt Lake man and a girl to lie face-down in their living room Sunday night.

Salt Lake police said a man knocked on the door of the home in the 9th West block of Second North about 10 p.m. He and an accomplice forced their way into the home after they told residents they were police officers.While one man held a black automatic handgun to the man's head the other searched the home for jewelry. The robbers apparently knew the victims sold jewelry at a local swap meet because they asked, "Where's the jewelry?"

During the search, a woman and a man came to the home and were also forced to lie on the floor.

The gunmen spoke of taking one of the girls as a hostage, but then changed their minds.

The robbers left the home with a black bowling bag and briefcase containing diamonds, rings, necklaces and silver coins.

They fled in a 1981 Subaru the second male victim had left running in the driveway. They went east on Second North. The car was later recovered.

The robbers were described as a white and Hispanic man. The white man was in his 30s, 5-foot 9-inches tall, with a fat face and wearing a light brown ski mask. He was also wearing white athletic shoes and blue corduroy jeans, the victims told police.

The Hispanic man was about 25, 5-feet 7-inches tall, weighing 140 pounds with black hair. He was wearing a dark jacket and blue corduroy jeans and a blue hat. He carried a silver handgun.