A Salt Lake snowmobiler missing in the mountains near Heber City was rescued Sunday morning.

"He was hungry and a little cold when we found him, but he was OK," said Kim Rice, spokesman for the Wasatch County Sheriff's Office. "His machine had gotten bogged down in the wet snow."Dave Shaw, 35, was reported missing about 6 p.m. Saturday near Lake Creek Summit. Searchers on snowmobiles combed the area until about midnight before calling off the search.

An aircraft, about 15 smowmobilers and 20 search and rescue officers from Wasatch County resumed the search Sunday. Shaw was discovered about 7 a.m. with his stranded snowmobile.

Shaw had stayed with his machine all night, starting it occasionally to warm his hands on the engine. He also walked in circles around the machine throughout the night to keep warm.

"He did the right thing to stay with his machine," said Rice. "Some people leave their machines and it makes it harder to find them."