A man who had been convicted of a felony in Arizona has been indicted by a Utah federal grand jury on multiple charges, including possessing and passing counterfeit money, attempting to sell six New Jersey birth certificates, drug possession and weapon charges.Craig Dwight McCann, also known as John Fowler and John Smith, was named in the nine-count indictment handed up Friday.

Prosecutors claim McCann had approximately $8,400 in phony $50 bills, one of which he tried to pass Sept. 10, 1988 at an Ogden Bar.

McCann is also charged with possessing chemicals with the intent to manufacture methamphetamines and illegally possessing a 12-gauge shotgun and a .357-caliber handgun.

He had been convicted in Phoenix of possessing stolen mail, a felony in the state, making it unlawful for him to own a gun, prosecutors said.

If convicted on all nine counts, McCann could face up to 65 years in prison and be ordered to pay up to $2 million in fines.