An Arkansas man who was under legal gambling age when he hit a $1 million jackpot at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip has been blocked in his efforts to collect his money.

U.S. District Judge Lloyd George last week dismissed the lawsuit of Kirk Erickson of Royal, Ark., who was only 19 when he hit the jackpot on a machine called the Million Dollar Baby two years ago.The resort refused to pay the $1,061,812 jackpot because Erickson was not 21, the legal gambling age in Nevada.

Erickson and his parents sued the resort, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and control board agents in an effort to collect. The lawsuit alleged the resort breached an implied contract it entered into by allowing the teenager to gamble.

Attorneys for the Las Vegas law firm of Lionel, Sawyer and Collins, who represented Caesars Palace, said Erickson's age when the money was won voided his right to collect the jackpot because he was gambling illegally.

The judge ruled that Erickson's lawsuit was an attempt to collect a gaming debt when no written acknowledgment of such a debt existed. George also said the federal court system lacked jurisdiction in the case.