Chancellor Helmut Kohl conceded Monday his conservative party's electoral defeats in Frankfurt and West Berlin were "serious" but said the Christian Democrats would not seek an alliance with parties of the far right.

Official results released Monday from elections the previous day in the central state of Hesse showed the percentage of the vote for Kohl's Christian Democratic Union fell from 38.6 to 33.3.In the important financial city of Frankfurt, the CDU's share of the vote dropped from 49.6 percent to 36.6 percent.

The drop in support in the polls, which followed the Christian Democrats' loss of control in the West Berlin city government on Jan. 29, came at the expense of improved showing by left-leaning and ultrarightist parties.

After a special party meeting Monday to discuss his party's poor showing, Kohl told reporters, "The results, together with the results in Berlin, represent for us in the Christian Democratic Union a serious situation."

Kohl ruled out seeking an alliance with the parties of the far right and said the Christian Democrats would try to win votes away from the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party and the ultrarightest Republican Party.

The National Democratic Party, which campaigned on a broad anti-immigrant platform, made strong gains in both West Berlin and Frankfurt. On Sunday, the National Democrats won 6.6 percent of the vote in Frankfurt compared to the less than 0.1 percent support in the previous elections in 1985.

The Republicans had won almost 8 percent of the vote in the recent state elections in West Berlin.