The shenanigans of television evangelists have spawned another player in America's multimillion-dollar board game industry, this one irreverently named "Fleece the Flock."

The game, developed by a writer, an inventor and an illustrator, is based loosely on "Monopoly," but instead of real-estate tycoons, players assume the roles of greedy evangelists."I came up with the idea when Jimmy Swaggart was caught in the motel," said Elizabeth Fuller, author of "My Search for the Ghost of Flight 401" and other books. "I thought, `These guys belong on a board game.' "

Equipped with collection plates, players toss the dice and pursue ownership of theme parks, television stations and record companies while trying to bankrupt their unholy competitors and keep their own sexual escapades secret.

Fuller collaborated on the game with inventor Stanley Mason, whose 30 patents include Masonware microwave cookware, and Roy Doty, a humorous illustrator.

The three formed Tongue-in-Cheek Productions and sold the rights to market the game to Regent Continental, a Philadelphia-based company that produces board games for some of the nation's largest toy makers.