An intense fire melted tape in the cockpit flight recorders of an Air Ontario jet that went down in western Ontario, leaving investigators without vital information in the crash that killed 24 of the 69 people aboard.

Joe Jackson, chief investigator for the Canadian Aviation Safety Board said Sunday the tapes would be of no help in trying to determine the cause of the Friday crash of the Fokker F-28 aircraft."We have been able to get nothing off the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder," which were recovered Saturday, Jackson said. "They were burned to the extent that the tapes inside had all melted.

"There's one chance in a million we're going to get some very little bit of data from the flight data recorder," he said.

The last of the 22 bodies were recovered Sunday from the aircraft's broken and burned fuselage, an Ontario Provincial Police spokesman said. Two passengers died after being hospitalized. Among the dead were one of three Americans aboard and three of Flight 363's four crew members.