LaToya Jackson's nude layout in Playboy is already paying off. She'll be on Bob Hope's special from the Bahamas on March 25, singing "Such a Wicked Love," the single from her new album. She'll also appear in a skit, a "Casablanca" parody called "Nassaublanca," as Samantha the piano player opposite Hope's Mr. Rick. Hope decided he wanted Jackson on the show after seeing her discuss the Playboy layout on a multitude of television talk shows. "I'm pretty sure it (the Playboy pictures) had something to do with it," she said. Jackson says movie scripts also have been rolling in since she bared all but she's not rushing into anything. "You have to take your time to evaluate them so that's what we're doing now," says Michael Jackson's sister. Jackson still hasn't talked to her parents since the Playboy pictorial and says the subject never comes up in chats with her brothers and sisters.