To the editor:

Recently, two technicians were stranded at Pisgah Peak, due to an equipment failure. A call for assistance to Utah Power & Light brought an instant, positive response. Shortly after the call, the Utah Power & Light snowcat arrived at Pisgah Peak to retrieve the electronics technicians and their equipment.Our sincere thanks to the men in the Smithfield Office of Utah Power & Light who so graciously responded to this call. These men are Elray Barrington, Dennis Cooper and Brent Daugherty. These busy men unselfishly adjusted their schedules to respond to this call for assistance, and their help was greatly appreciated.

The average television viewer has no idea of the effort it takes to maintain the transmission systems, and in some cases, the dangerous environments in which the engineers work. Responses like this one from Utah Power & Light make the efforts and sacrifices of the electronic technicians worthwhile and successful.

Edward N. Ridges

Media Services

University of Utah