Nine women, including two Deseret News staff writers, received the first Governor's Media Awards for Excellence in Reporting of Women's Issues on Saturday at a celebration of Women's History Month at the Kearns Mansion.

"We honor some of the women who have made a difference in our state," said Colleen Colton, an administrative assistant to Gov. Norm Bangerter. The awards were given as a way to recognize members of the media who have done an exemplary job in depicting the problems facing women.Bangerter presented the awards in radio, television, magazine and newspaper categories.

From the Deseret News, Lois M. Collins, social services writer, was honored for her story "Who's Caring for our Children," and feature writer Susan Lyman-Whitney received the award for her article, "Irene Fisher: She Missed the Sizzlin' '60s, But she has been Busy Ever Since."

Salt Lake Tribune Lifestyle reporters Nancy Hobb and Judy Rollins received awards for stories on child care and treating patients with sensitivity.

Magazine awards were presented to Karen Shepherd, former editor of Network magazine, for her editorials on women's issues. The Network staff also received recognition for it coverage of women's issues.

In the radio category, Jan Snyder, public affairs director for KSL Radio, and Donna Land Maldonado, operations manager at KRCL, won awards for their programming on problem's facing women.

The television awards were given to Maggie St. Claire, public affairs supervisor at KSL-TV, and Colleen Casto, a producer at KUED-TV. The KSL program FOCUS also received an award for its excellent coverage of women's issues.