Public hearings have been postponed until August that will give people their last chance to let state officials know how they feel about proposals for Provo Canyon.

The hearings, to be held in Provo and Heber City, originally were scheduled for next month. They afford people an opportunity to discuss changes on a 30-mile stretch of U.S. 189 from the mouth of the canyon to U.S. 40 south of Heber.Following the hearings, the state Transportation Commission will recommend one of four alternatives that will govern Provo Canyon highway development. That selection, in turn, must be approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

The impact statement re-examines issues assessed in a 1978 study and considers development and information related to environmental concerns.

Alternatives under consideration:

-No-build, which would consist of maintaining the highway as is.

-Accessibility, which would give precedence to canyon residents, keep the highway two lanes wide and include limited upgrading.

-Mobility, which would be a four-lane divided highway favoring traffic passing through the canyon at speeds of up to 60 mph.

-Multiuse, which would be a four-lane compromise between the mobility and accessibility alternatives and accommodate traffic traveling up to 50 mph.