The Utah Department of Transportation was ordered not to resume construction on the so-called "Skier Connect" while U.S. District Judge Aldon J. Anderson considers the case made by opponents of the Sandy road.

Attorneys for the Coalition for a Better Sandy said Thursday the road connecting 90th South at Seventh East to 94th South near 1150 East is actually part of a bigger federally funded highway.They said the road, dubbed Skier Connect by supporters who believe it will help guide tourists to the canyon resorts, should be subjected to the extensive regulations associated with a federal project.

Those regulations, attorney George Haley argued, would prevent the road from being constructed because of a historic landmark, a farmstead settled by a former Sandy mayor.

But Assistant Attorney General Donald Coleman dismissed Haley's contention that the Skier Connect is part of major highway between Copperton and Alta, often referred to as the Bingham Highway.

Coleman characterized the road as serving only Sandy residents, citing a traffic study that showed only a small percentage of users would be headed to the ski resorts.

After nearly three hours of debate, Anderson issued a temporary restraining order. Opponents said the order will prevent UDOT from completing a construction contract that Coleman said had to be signed by Friday.