A northern Idaho white supremacist leader will not legally be able to stage a parade of neo-Nazi skinheads here next month because a deadline for obtaining a parade permit expired.

Richard Butler said Friday he decided against holding the parade because he is afraid young neo-Nazi skinheads would come into contact with AIDS-infected human rights demonstrators from Seattle and San Francisco, where there are large homosexual populations."I didn't want our boys to get mixed up with them," Butler said.

Butler, leader of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian (Aryan Nations), had earlier said he would stage a parade to coincide with a meeting of skinheads at his farm near Hayden Lake on April 21-23.

The city, which has banned parades on its main street through May because of construction, requires that requests for parade permits be filed 45 days before the event.

Butler's organization advocates establishment of a whites-only homeland in the Northwest, where minorities and homosexuals would not be allowed.