Salt Lake officials came not to say "goodbye" but "good riddance" Thursday to the scaffolding that has clung to the historic City-County Building in connection with a $30 million renovation project. Restoration work is nearly finished.

In a mock "funeral," complete with Scottish dirges by pipers Jim Barclay and 7-year-old son, Brandon, officials disassembled the last 20 feet of scaffolding on the east side of the building, which will be reopened April 28.But those gathered to celebrate the demise of the unsightly scaffolding didn't stop with simply tearing down the stuff, erected in 1979 around the building's clock tower - they cut the last section into tiny bits.

"It's really a pleasure to see the scaffolding come down," said Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis.

"It's symbolic of all those years everyone referred to the `crumbling building,' " DePaulis continued. "And that became a symbol of city government."

But with the removal of the scaffolding, exposing the newly refurbished exterior of the 95-year-old building, "we're reversing that symbol," DePaulis said.