A Florida man arrested at a routine roadblock on I-70 in southeast Utah has pleaded guilty to possession of more than 48 pounds of cocaine.

David Wells Edgar, 36, Miami, entered the plea after Utah federal Judge David Sam rejected a defense motion claiming the drugs had been seized illegally.Edgar, also known as David Wayne Edgerly, faces a minimum penalty of 10 years in prison at his May 5 sentencing, prosecutor Richard McKelvie said Tuesday.

The judge Monday denied the motion to suppress the confiscated drugs, ruling the cocaine was properly seized and could be used as evidence. Edgar then pleaded guilty to a prearranged agreement, McKelvie said.

He was pulled over Nov. 30, 1988, during a routine driver's license and vehicle check on I-70, just east of Crescent Junction and 160 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Edgar was arrested after he gave officers permission to search his vehicle, and they found the drugs in a false-trunk compartment.