Three members of the Singer-Swapp family will undoubtedly be sentenced to more years in federal prison on April 3-4, when U.S. District Chief Judge Bruce S. Jenkins resentences them under tough federal guidelines.

Addam Swapp, Vickie Singer and Jonathan Swapp were convicted of various crimes in the January 1988 dynamiting, standoff and shootings at their homestead in Marion, Summit County. A fourth relative, John Timothy Singer, was also convicted, but his sentence will not change.Corrections Lt. Fred House was killed in the confrontation, and FBI agents were assaulted by defendants who were holed up in the family cabin. The incident started when the LDS stake center at Marion was demolished by a dynamite blast.

After their conviction last May, Addam Swapp was sentenced to 15 years in prison and five years on probation; Jonathan Swapp, Vickie Singer and John Timothy Singer were sentenced to 10 years in prison and five years on probation.

Jenkins sentenced the family after he and the other federal judges in Utah ruled that federal sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional.

In November 1988, then-U.S. Attorney Brent D. Ward appealed for resentencing, assuming the Supreme Court would uphold the guidelines. The court did eventually say the guidelines were constitutional.

On Friday morning, Jenkins said he would resentence the three defendants affected - all but John Timothy Singer - on April 3. Federal probation officers have until March 24 to submit memoranda, and the defendants' lawyers will have a week from then to file their responses.