A Utah car dealer has been charged in a 14-count federal indictment with odometer tampering.

The indictment handed up Thursday says V. Ted McDaniel, no age or hometown available, disconnected, reset and altered odometers on 14 vehicles that were later sold to individuals or other dealers.The indictment says tampering occurred between May 1987 through June 1988 on vehicles McDaniel purchased from Joe Ziems Ford Corners in Farmington, N.M., for Quality Motors and Soda Auto Sales.

McDaniel could be sentenced to a maximum penalty of $250,000 and three years in federal prison if convicted.

In a separate indictment, a man was charged with seriously injuring a woman during an assault on an Indian reservation.

Clarence Begay is accused of assaulting Laura Mitchell on Jan. 20, the same day he is charged with a possessing a revolver. Possessing weapons is forbidden for ex-convicts.

Juan Hernando Mayorga-Oliveros, also known as James Sabater, was charged with illegally re-entering the United States on Feb. 17 after being deported. He had been found and deported from Emery County five days earlier.