A Centerville woman has pleaded not guilty to killing her former husband and attempting to kill her son in January by crashing their car into a semitrailer truck on I-15.

Rebecca W. Holt, 39, of 355 E. 825 North, pleaded not guilty in 2nd District Court to manslaughter and attempted homicide charges. Both are second-degree felonies that carry a prison term of one to 15 years and fine of up to $10,000.Investigators said Holt was despondent over her failed marriage to Walter A. Todd, from whom she was divorced, and the apparent failure of her subsequent marriage.

Holt decided to commit suicide, investigators said, but also decided to include Walter Todd and one of their sons, Richard D. Todd, in her plan. With the two in her vehicle, she drove onto I-15 at Centerville on Jan. 11 and aimed the car at a truck, police said.

In the ensuing accident, police said, her car was struck and pushed off the highway. Holt and Richard Todd were injured and Walter Todd subsequently died in February.

Judge Douglas L Cornaby set an April 13 trial, with an April 4 pretrial hearing. Defense attorney Terry Cathcart said the trial date may not be necessary and that he has opened a discussion with the county attorney's office on a negotiated plea.