Only six days before Las Vegas convenience store clerk Michelle Moore was killed, two Utah County teenagers charged with the crime were cited for disorderly conduct in connection with an American Fork shooting.

A 17-year-old Orem juvenile and 18-year-old Edward Bennett of Lehi were given citations and released by American Fork Police Department on Feb. 3.Moore was shot Feb. 9.

"We reacted to the crime and issued a misdemeanor (citation)," said American Fork Police Chief John Durrant. "It's interesting they would simulate a killing a week before" one happened.

Durrant said the act "shows a violent inclination," but the police had no idea it would lead to the Las Vegas shooting. "Maybe they were fantasizing, I don't know."

Two teenage boys told police that they had been shot at by two men in a car while the boys were standing outside of American Fork's Towne Cinema, 120 W. Main. Neither boy was hit.

American Fork Police pulled over a vehicle, driven by a 17-year-old Orem boy, and gave him a citation. After questioning, police were informed that his passenger was Bennett. Bennett was issued a citation at his home.

The Orem juvenile told police that Bennett had shot at the boys with a cap gun, but Bennett said it was a pellet gun. According to the police report, a pellet gun was found in the vehicle, but it did not work.

The trial date for the two Utah County teenagers charged with the killing Feb. 9 in Las Vegas is June 6 in Nevada's 8th District Court.